Campus Kaizen is a software solutions developer and process improvement consulting agency headquartered in Scranton, PA. We’re a small team, but we accomplish a lot by focusing on operating both efficiently and effectively – basically practicing what we preach!

Our company has grown significanly over the last few years, launching new software products to the market, and growing a consulting agency that fills a necessary void in helping campuses and organizations lean out and streamline their processes to “do more with less.”

We believe in working hard, but playing hard as well. We strive to promote an environment that is both fun and rewarding. Work-life balance is a core priority for our company, as we want our team members to be happy and enjoy what they do – both at and outside of work.

A core fundamental we preach is Continuous Improvement. We want our clients to continually improve their operations, whether it be through our software products or process improvement efforts.

We also want to continuously improve, and we believe the best way to do that is to grow our team with like-minded, motivated, entrepreneurial individuals who both wish to make an impact, and be rewarded for it. We believe in developing team members to be better versions of themselves, and consistently strong assets. Investment in our team shows our commitment to continual learning and growth for those who support our efforts.

Scranton? Like from “The Office?”

Yes! And we even have the “World’s Best Boss” (depending on who you ask).

We’re proud to be headquartered in Northeast Pennsylvania, helping to grow the technology scene in a former coal-mining town.

We love having our team members stationed at HQ, but understand this is not always ideal. So, we’re certainly open to offer remote positions to great candidates.

For internships, we do require candidates be local to Scranton.

Why should you join us?

We’re making an impact on the world of higher education, positively improving college experience for hundreds of thousands of students and staff members each year. We’re growing rapidly, and eager individuals have plenty of opportunity to grow with us and be a part of our company’s success. We’re also a pretty fun team, who are no strangers to celebrating successes!

Interested in a career with Campus Kaizen? Have a look at our current openings below!