Campus Kaizen is excited to announce that we have recently successfully completed a SOC2 audit.

This means that not only does Campus Kaizen host our applications on SOC 2 compliant infrastructure, Campus Kaizen itself has been audited against a set of security, availability and confidentiality standards set by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA).

As institutions look to cloud service providers to store their data, there is increasing importance to ensure that not only are vendors using SOC 2 compliant hosting providers, but that the vendors themselves have proper security controls in place to ensure institution data is protected.

What does this mean for you?

For starters, it means we take protecting your data seriously, and contracted with an external certified auditing firm to audit our company’s security controls in accordance with AICPA standards.

Many cloud providers simply rely on their Hosting Provider’s SOC 2 Controls and Audit Report. However, this does not guarantee that the cloud vendor themselves have proper security controls in place. We felt it was necessary to go beyond the standard and ensure that Campus Kaizen was also audited and certified to SOC 2 Standards.

In addition to the assurance this certification provides, our SOC 2 certification makes Campus Kaizen applications ideal stewards of campus information, and better prepares institutions to deal with increasingly complex regulatory requirements. Data in Campus Kaizen applications now enjoys the following benefits:

• SOC 2 verification of data security controls
• Verified disaster recovery and incident response procedures

We’re committed to keeping your data safe, while also providing industry-leading software applications!