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What good is having data if you don’t have the means to use it to drive your business decisions?

¬†Campus Kaizen’s “Correlation” Data Analytics services help your team create meaningful KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), institute effective ways of measuring them, and most importantly – provide you with easy-to-understand interpretations to show you exactly what your data is telling you.


Student Retention

There are more than 1000 factors that may contribute to student retention. Do you know exactly which factors are significant contributors, or are you just throwing darts and hoping for the best?

Through our Correlations services, our expert data scientists will use your data (de-identified if you prefer), perform an in-depth analysis, and provide you with an output report that shows you exactly which factors are statistically significant to impact retention on your campus.

You’ll know exactly what to focus on in order to move the retention needle!


Data Analysis Services

Data always tells a story. The question is – do you know how to read it? Let our team of data scientists help you determine what story your data tells, so that you can spend your time focusing on improving that which matters most!

Advanced Data Analysis

Our Advanced Data Analysis services will work with your existing data (de-identified if you prefer) to provide not only an expert analysis, but an expert interpretation of the data. Not everyone is proficient with tables and graphs, so our experts will prove you will a full report that tells the full story of what your data means.

Deliverables of this service include:

  • Your data’s “Story” – A Documented, full interpretation of your data and how each and every factor contributes to your goals. This Story will not only rank each factor by how strongly it contributes to Retention or another chosen metric, but will explain to you a detailed level of significance (the “How” and “Why”).
  • A ranked chart of all factors by the strength of their impact to your goal.
  • A documented collection of associated trend and comparative analysis charts and tables.
  • A clear understanding of what your team needs to focus on to “move the needle.”

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Metric Development Consulting

Does your institution need some guidance on developing a “data-driven” mindset? Our team will work with key stakeholders to analyze business processes & goals, develop key metrics, implement easy ways of measurement and tracking, and help create a culture that uses data to manage your operations.

Deliverables of this service include:

  • A clear understanding of your team’s goals and intended outcomes.
  • KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) – metrics to help measure the health of your goals.
  • Simple ways to track and measure progress along the way.
  • A data-driven mindset for your organization.

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Start making decisions based on data.

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