Corporate Case Management


The most powerful incident reporting and case management software on planet Earth.

Guardian is the most advanced, most customizable, and easiest to use incident reporting and case management software available. Easily manage your company’s incident reporting and tracking within one powerful, yet simple system.


Guardian Integrates Seamlessly with other systems such as ERP and Employee databases for Plug & Play ability.

Process Designer

Design as many unique process workflows as your company needs. Each can operate independently or allow for crossover for staff that wear multiple hats.

Intelligent Routing

Submitted reports automatically route to the proper workflow and notify workflow admins and hearing officers in realtime.

User Portal

Users can receive sensitive documents via User Portal, and can submit documents and/or make appeals when necessary.

Mobile Friendly

Guardian is accessible on any device, from anywhere in the world, and is also accessible with assistive technology.

Intake Forms

Create any number of unique, dynamic intake forms based on what is being reported, and automatically route forms to proper personnel.

Reports & Stats

Advanced reporting and statistics engine allows for simple, effective reporting, including saved and scheduled reporting.


Control exactly who can do what for each workflow. Set permission levels based on departmental needs to maintain proper access.

Cloud Deployment

Guardian is cloud deployed and optimized for use on any device with an internet connection. Discover more

Easy Compliance

Guardian helps partners easily comply with regulatory requirements. Discover more

Advanced Reporting

Our advanced reporting engine allows you to create, save, share & automate important analytics. Discover more

Guarded Data

Guardian utilizes effective data encryption and access control methods to ensure your data is kept under strict lock & key. Discover more

Be Notified

In addition to new incident notifications, custom workflow rules allow users to set up automatic notifications to fit any need. Discover more

Cost Effective

Powerful software need not come with powerful price tags. Guardian pricing scales affordably with the size of your company. Discover more

Applications of Guardian

Simply put: Guardian can be utilized by ANY department or team that must intake information and do something with it.

Human Resources

Ethics & Compliance

Incident Management

Harassment Investigations

Safety & Health

Anonymous Reporting

Fraud Investigations

Loss Prevention

Complaint Tracking

Work Orders


Features & Benefits of Guardian

Guardian is the most powerful & configurable, yet easiest to use case management and reporting software available.

Dynamic Design

Forget multiple Incident Report webforms. Guardian was designed to dynamically respond to any and all incident types – from various levels of Anonymous Reporting (Harassment, Ethics or Fraud Violations, Safety issues, etc) to Human Resources, Work order and Complaint Tracking. One web/mobile form, with intelligent routing to ensure each report makes it to the proper workflow.


Whether you need Guardian to manage & track reports through one work stream, or dozens across multiple departments, Guardian is fully scalable to meet both small and massive demands.

Guardian can be utilized by ANY department that needs to intake information and process it.

Workflow Wizard

Gone are the days of conforming to a rigid software process. Need different workflows for Human Resources, Customer Service, and others? No sweat! Design your Guardian workflows to meet your exact needs, and design as many workflows as your company needs.

Easy Integrations

Guardian easily integrates with other existing softwares, including ERP and Employee Information Systems. Single Sign On (SSO) integration with all major SSO technologies is also offered.

Unparalleled Support

Unlimited access to phone, email and web support – ensuring your questions are answered promptly.

Data Protection

With Guardian, data security will never be a concern. All data is kept under strict lock & key, and is stored and backed-up within the USA.


How Do I See More?

Let’s start by showing you and stakeholders a detailed demonstration of all that Guardian can do for your institution. Fill out the form below, and a member of our team will be in touch to schedule a demo.