/ˈkīzən/   noun    good change

A Japanese term for “Good Change,” Kaizen is synonymous with “Continuous Improvement” in Lean & Six Sigma business practices.

Continuous Improvement

Campus Kaizen is committed to Continuous Campus Improvement, and to designing products and services to help you achieve your improvement goals.

Multifaceted Approach

Our suite of products and services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each campus, and to offer easy improvements to important campus processes.


Measurable Success

Each of our services is deployed with a metric-driven approach, so that all successes are easy to quantify and measure against established baselines.

Consistent Evolution

Continuous Improvement means just that: Continuous. We’re never done improving, yet each incremental improvement inches you closer to perfection.

Products & Services

Roommate Matching Software

My College Roomie is the most powerful roommate self-selection and assignment tool on the planet. My College Roomie is a web-based student & resident social networking and roommate self-selection platform that provides both residents and staff with powerful tools to streamline, simplify, and improve the success rate of the roommate matching and assignments process.

Learn why campuses & housing providers worldwide are turning to My College Roomie to positively change the world of roommate matching.

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Case Management Software

Guardian is a Case Management and Reporting platform. Designed by a consortium of case management practitioners, Guardian is the most robust, yet easiest-to-use case management tool, that allows for easy deployment for any process – from Student Conduct to Title IX, CARE teams to Employee Relations, Bias Reporting, Disability Services and more! Guardian allows departmental admins to create unique process workflows, rules, notifications, reports and much, much more.

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Process Improvement Consulting

Understaffed and need to “do more with less,” or just wanting to make your team more efficient in what they do? Would simplified, more effective processes make your life easier?

Our Kaizen Consulting Services focus on helping your campus or department streamline business processes by effectively identifying and eliminating waste. We’ll arrange on-site Kaizen Events with your team to map processes, identify wasteful steps, and build solutions to reduce waste, streamline processes and better focus on productive, Value Added activities.

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Correlations Data Analytics

Data always tells a story. The question is – do you know how to read it? Let our team of data scientists help you determine what story your data tells, so that you can spend your time focusing on improving that which matters most!

Whether it be improving student retention on campus, or improving other important business or operational metrics, our Correlations services are designed to assist, facilitate, analyze and interpret your data, so that your team can focus on making value-added improvements to the areas that need it most!

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What we do

Campus Kaizen creates software platforms to streamline important campus processes, as well as solve important campus problems. Each product has been curated by industry practitioners, and are continually improved as needs and requirements change.

In addition to awesome software, we also provide dedicated consulting services to help teams or departments streamline what they do. We do this via onsite Kaizen events, which are short duration (typically 2-5 day) improvement projects with a specific aim for improvement, and include training on easily applicable process improvement tools for all team members.

Let’s work together

If you’re ready to start improving key processes and areas of your campus, then we’re ready to support you!

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