Innovative Features

Student Features

MCR’s suite of student features make forming friendships and searching for and selecting great roommates a breeze!

Staff Features

MCR’s innovative Staff Dashboard allows for easy customization, monitoring and reporting – along with full process oversight!

Student Features

Accessible Worldwide

MCR is accessible on any device, from anywhere in the world, and is also accessible with assistive technology.

Roommate Self Selection

Students can select the roommate or roommates of their choosing so they can enjoy the best campus living experience ever!

Social Networking

MCR is independent from other Social Networks, yet offers similar tools to aid in finding & networking with others.

Roommate Designer

Users identify what their ideal roomie is like (similar or different), and MCR shows them how closely other users match.

Accurate Matches

Researched-based questionnaire featuring MCR’s Comfort Zone © Technology is coupled with machine-learning algorithm to provide students with suggested roommate matches based on true compatibility.

Friends & Messages

Students form friend groups and use private messages to interact, making MCR a tool that can be used year-round.

Staff Features


MCR Integrates Seamlessly with other campus systems such as Housing Management and Leasing Systems, for Plug & Play ability.

Roommate Agreements

Roommate Agreement Module allows students to collaborate on, complete and sign living agreements within MCR.


Customize everything from the Questions to the Process. Create Sub Populations within MCR to ensure students match within Programs, LLCs, Class, Buildings or other factors.

Gender Inclusive

MCR is fully Gender-Inclusive to offer students of any and all gender identities a safe, comfortable environment to network and select suitable roommates.

Process Automation

Automation options, including student invitations and Bi-Directional Auto-Match, allow staff to put important processes on auto-pilot while achieving desirable results.

Engagement Tools

Post announcements, mass message, and use the social newsfeed for both staff and resident advisor engagement with student users.

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