Guardian Case Management Software

Guardian was designed by a consortium of Case Management professionals, and developed by world-class software engineers, to create a case tracking and reporting tool unlike any other.

Most software platforms force you to conform to their rigid processes. Guardian was designed to be incredibly flexible, so that any client can configure it to meet their individual, unique processes and workflows.


Applications of Guardian

Simply put: Guardian can be utilized by ANY department or team that must intake information and do something with it.

Higher Education

Create and manage any campus case management process using the most flexible case management software available.

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Want to offer anonymous reporting and/or need a way to manage Title IX, Employee Relations, Bullying, Student Discipline and more at your school?

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Need a way to intake and manage incidents and investigations for your business? Design Guardian for your unique applications!

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Features & Benefits of Guardian

Guardian is the most powerful & configurable, yet easiest to use case management and reporting software available.

Dynamic Design

Forget multiple Reporting webforms. Guardian was designed to dynamically respond to any and all incident or input types – from various levels of Student Conduct, to Title IX, Corporate Ethics & Compliance, and K-12 Student & Incident Management. One web/mobile form, with intelligent routing to ensure each report makes it to the proper workflow.


Whether you need Guardian to manage & track reports through one work stream, or dozens across multiple departments, Guardian is fully scalable to meet both small and massive demands.

Guardian can be utilized by ANY department that needs to intake information and process it.

Workflow Wizard

Gone are the days of conforming to a rigid software process. Need different workflows for different types of information or data collection? No sweat! Design your Guardian workflows to meet your exact needs, and design as many workflows as your campus needs.

Easy Integrations

Guardian easily integrates with other existing softwares, including ERPs, Housing Management Systems and Student or Employee Information Systems. Single Sign On (SSO) integration with all major SSO technologies also offered.

Unparalleled Support

Unlimited access to phone, email and web support – ensuring your questions are answered promptly.

Data Protection

Guardian is a SOC 2 Certified Application. With Guardian, data security will never be a concern. All data is kept under strict lock & key, and is stored and backed-up within the USA. 

What Clients Say

Pace University

Switching to Guardian has been the best decision our campus could have made! Guardian is one system, one price for everything!  You can set up as many different workflows for as many departments you need with no extra cost. We outgrew our previous system, and we wanted something that was more user friendly, easier to modify, edit and add new items in without having to rely on the support manager each time we needed to make a change.  Guardian has several access levels for the specific needs of each staff member or department, and our previous system did not have the specific access levels needed in order to allow other campus partners to use the system.  

 I have never worked in a system that is so intuitive and simple to create workflows, reports, and so many other things!  I had zero background in IT and very little understanding of systems in terms of building or creating, and I was able to build our entire system for student conduct, Title IX, academic integrity, and student engagement with ease. Guardian is innovative, user friendly, and has created new ways for several departments to track and communicate with one another all through once system.  I encourage everyone to set up a demo to view the Guardian product and see how it can help your campus.

Shawna Mott

Associate Director of Community Standards

Pace University


“I work for a large K-12 school district and knew I needed a strong case management system in order to stay organized and meet regulatory deadlines. Guardian was the only case management system I could find that was designed for the K-12 setting and fully customizable to meet my district’s needs. Guardian has been an absolute game changer for me and I can’t imagine working without it.”

Carly Elliott

Executive Director of CIvil Rights and Title IX Coordinator

Metro-Nashville Public Schools


“Campus Kaizen is a pleasure to work with. Guardian is a big upgrade over our last case management system and has been a huge improvement when pulling reports. The interface is intuitive for our users and the Guardian team is quick to respond to our needs. Guardian’s case management system has been integrated with our District’s student information system and the integration was a great success. Campus Kaizen understands our important mission to provide an equitable, inclusive, safe, supportive, and secure learning and working environment to the CPS community and supports us everyday in achieving it.”

Adam Graham

Director of Compliance

Office of Student Protections and Title IX

Chicago Public Schools


How Do I See More?

Let’s start by showing you and stakeholders a detailed demonstration of all that Guardian can do for your institution or company. Fill out the form below, and a member of our team will be in touch to schedule a demo.